Do you know someone who was
affected by the Motherisk hair test?

Outreach schedule

Our team is on the road talking to communities and groups that might have been impacted. You can meet up in the following locations:

November 14th – Presenting to area Youth in Transition workers as well as all staff at the N’swamok Indian Friendship Centre in Sudbury.

November 18th – Presenting to area Youth in Transition workers as well as staff at the Barrie Native Friendship Centre.

November 25th – Presenting to Youth in Transition workers in Guelph and Kitchener.

December 1st – Presenting to Hamilton Youth Front line workers.

December 2nd – Presenting to the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto Youth advisory group.

What can the Commission do for you?

The main function of the Motherisk Commission is to review cases in which the testing may have played a role, and to provide resources to affected persons.

Legal Review

The Review and Resource Centre conducts legal reviews of individual cases where test results from the Motherisk Drug Testing Laboratory (“MDTL”) have been used, including in “high priority” cases.
More about the Legal Review process.


In addition, the Review and Resource Centre provides support and assistance to affected persons through the provision of information and counselling.
More about the Counselling services.