Written Comments

As part of our restorative process, the Commission is inviting written comments on the broad impacts of the Motherisk testing and on ideas to prevent something like it from happening in the future.

We want to learn more about how the Motherisk testing affected you or your family.

We are also interested in exploring these six themes:

  • Role of scientific evidence in child protection cases
  • Legislative, procedural and justice system issues
  • Strengthening child protection legal practice
  • Substance use and parenting
  • Strengthening social work practice
  • Systemic issues affecting children’s aid societies

Please tell us about any other issues related to the Motherisk testing that are important to you.

Your thoughts and ideas will help us develop our final report to government in early 2018.

Your Comments

None of your comments will be attributed to you. We will only include your name or organization in our final report to thank you for your comments. If you DO NOT wish us to identify you or your organization, please let us know in your comments. Note that we cannot identify anyone who is involved in a child protection case.